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How to Calculate Sales Tax: overview

Exemptions that apply at the state level generally also apply at the local level. Already, 24 states will have economic thresholds in effect by 1 January 2019 and more are expected to soon follow. The following is a list of statutes, regulations, forms, and guidance pertaining to the sale of a retail business.

How to Calculate Sales Tax: overview

Mobile food vendors making food sales in Colorado from pushcarts, motor vehicles, or other mobile facilities are retailers, subject to sales tax licensing, collection, and filing requirements. They must collect and remit all state and state-administered local sales taxes applicable to the point of sale for each taxable transaction. Additional information regarding licensing and filing requirements for mobile vendors can How to Calculate Sales Tax: overview be found online at Iowa has a 6% state sales tax and an optional local sales tax of 1% imposed by most cities and unincorporated portions of most counties, bringing the total up to a maximum of 7%. The Iowa Department of Revenue provides information about local option sales taxes, including sales tax rate lookup. Iowa also has sales tax on services when rendered, furnished, or performed.

In-State and Out-of-State Sales

The table below is a sampling of approximate retail sales tax rates for some US cities, including any state and local rates. This assumes residents purchase taxable items throughout the locality, not just in the taxing jurisdiction where they reside. Michigan has a use tax of 6%, which is applied to items bought outside Michigan and brought in, to the extent that sales taxes were not paid in the state of purchase. Residents are supposed to declare and pay this tax when filing the annual income tax. Groceries, periodicals, and prescription drugs are not taxed, but restaurant meals and other “prepared food” is taxed at the full rate. The tax applies to the total amount of online orders, including shipping charges. The tax rate was raised from 6% on April 1, 2008, to offset the loss of revenue from the statewide property tax reform, which is expected to significantly lower property taxes.

  • County permissive taxes may be levied by emergency resolution of the county boards of commissioners.
  • The customers must have resale certificates to be exempt from paying sales taxes.
  • For example, in Marion County, the sales tax for restaurants is 9%.
  • Governments use the revenue from sales tax on schools, infrastructure, and general budgeting needs.
  • Michigan and Colorado courts have adopted a more holistic approach, looking at various factors for a particular transaction.
  • Effective April 1, 2009 use tax applies to the use or consumption of medical services provided by Medicaid managed care organizations.

With respect to any tax-exempt sale, the retailer must obtain and retain sufficient information and documentation from the purchaser to verify the eligibility of the sale for exemption. A retailer that makes sales or takes orders at special events located in Colorado is deemed to maintain a place of business in Colorado at the location of the special event for the duration of the special event. Sales of gas and electric service for commercial consumption and not for resale are taxable. Tax also applies to sales of steam when consumed or used by the purchaser and not resold in its original form. Sales tax applies to such sales of steam and gas and electric service regardless of whether the seller or provider is a municipal, public, or private corporation or enterprise.


If your state, county, and city impose a sales tax, you must add all the rates together to get the total rate. For example, you want to find the sales tax rate for Scottsdale, Arizona. Arizona has a state sales tax of 5.6%, Maricopa County has a county sales tax rate of 0.7%, and Scottsdale has a city sales tax rate of 1.75% . Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not enforce sales tax. Although there is no state-mandated sales tax in these five states, keep in mind that there might be local sales tax laws that require you to collect. To calculate the sales tax in dollars, simply multiply the purchase price by the sales tax rate. Use the Sales Tax Rate Locator to search for sales tax rates by address.

  • Businesses usually have the option of paying this tax out of their own pocket or passing it along to customers in the form of higher prices.
  • The TSPLOST is not subject to the 3% limit on local taxes, making the local rate in those counties up to 8%.
  • Sales tax and discretionary sales surtax are calculated on each taxable transaction.
  • Any retail sale that is made in Colorado is subject to Colorado taxation.
  • If the 20th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the return and tax remittance is due the next business day.

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How to Calculate Sales Tax | Methods & Examples

There had been talk of extending the tax to pay for the Fiserv Forum, the new home of the Milwaukee Bucks, but the plan failed to gain any momentum, and a property tax increase around the arena district funds that venue instead. West Virginia was the first US state to enact a sales tax, currently 6%. The sales tax on food was gradually phased out from January 2006 through July 2013. Credit is allowed for sales or use taxes paid to another state with respect to the purchase. Since 2 December 2010, sales taxes are exempt to unprepared food items and prescription medications. Prepared food, over-the-counter medications, and medical marijuana are subject to sales tax.

How to Calculate Sales Tax: overview